Empowering Core Values

in an Electromechanical world

Emcore is one of the leading Electromechanical and Refrigeration Engineering Solutions providers in the Middle East, specialized in providing comprehensive electromechanical maintenance and contracting services for small to large-scale projects. The company undertakes projects in electromechanical systems as whole and stand-alone services like HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, BMS and Mechanical, meeting international standards. Emcore undertakes all kinds of Refrigeration Projects (Commercial & Industrial) including Ammonia Plants. With a wide ranging expertise and technologically advanced know-how in all aspects of building contracting and maintenance services, Emcore is committed to delivering high quality, customer centric solutions on every project. Emcore has a full-fledged team of qualified engineers and technical staff in the electromechanical and refrigeration divisions to carry out large turnkey projects.

Turnkey Solutions Provider

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Our mission is to deliver the highest possible value to everyone whose life we touch through our products and services thus enriching the world and making it better with our business


To be a world-class electromechanical company driven by passion where we serve our clients with excellence and professionalism, empower our team members with trust and respect, work with our partners with integrity and synergy, generate jobs to strengthen the economy and offer sustainable services to preserve our environment.

Core Values


We work out of passion, love what we do and take great pride in delivering the highest value.


We strive to deliver the best service adhering to the international industry standards of excellence.


We are honest in our relationships and forthright in all our business transactions.


We honour our commitments, keep our promises and stand up for what we believe in.


We make things happen by not just travelling on the beaten path but by going the extra mile

Building trust is with Quality, Health, Safety & Environment.

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We value these words...

We strive to provide the best ever customer experience.